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Allmänna Sången!

The audition period for Spring is now over. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Do you want to fill your Wednesday evenings with beautiful singing?

Allmänna Sången audition new singers at the beginning of each term. Depending on what is needed for the term's projects, we look for different voice type in different search periods. Follow us on social media to get updates on the current search period.

To become a member of Allmänna Sången you must take part in an audition. Our conductor, accompanied by a small group representing the choir, will evaluate your performance which will include the following:

  • Solo performance of choice

  • Review of range

  • Test of ear

  • Reading music a-vista and ensemble singing

You will receive additional information upon confirmation of your application. If you have any questions, please contact our vice-chairman at

Thank you! Your application has been posted.

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