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The choir

Founded in 1830 and based in Uppsala, Sweden, Allmänna Sången is the oldest academic choir in Scandinavia.

During its early years, the choir laid the foundation for many student traditions

that persist in the bustling student culture of Uppsala. In 1963 Allmänna Sången, then a male voice choir, was remade into a mixed ensemble and has since developed into one of Sweden's most highly regarded mixed choirs. The choir holds several awards from

international choir competitions, most recently from Slovenia in 2017, and often

collaborates with prominent musicians. The choir can be heard at several regular performances throughout the year, such as the traditional spring concert or the

Christmas concert at Uppsala Castle.

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The organisation

Allmänna Sången is a non-profit organisation with the goal of achieving the highest possible musical and professional quality in all our activities, both towards our audience and among our members. Through constant development and strife for new expressions, we create new conditions for choral singing in Sweden's cultural life.


In recent years, Allmänna Sången has placed great emphasis on promoting music written by women, who for centuries have been marginalised in the classical music sphere. One such initiative is ASAWCA -Allmänna Sången & Anders Wall Composition Award- a composition competition for female composers.

More on the competition:  

Our activities are dependent on the voluntary (unpaid) involvement by our members, and as a member you are involved in running the almost two hundred year old cultural heritage that Allmänna Sången represents


The majority of Allmänna Sången's members have an area of responsibility in the choir or are involved, for example, as project managers. Any profits from our productions go back into the organisation to further enhance our concerts and cover costs.

Aktuellt GRID

Upcoming events:

2024 dates:

Auditions close


Concerts in darkness


Walpurgis ball


Spring concert


AS Valborgsbal 2024 182
AS Valborgsbal 2024 44
AS Valborgsbal 2024 264
AS Valborgsbal 2024 110
AS Valborgsbal 2024 1
AS Valborgsbal 2024 239
AS Valborgsbal 2024 345
AS Valborgsbal 2024 372
AS Valborgsbal 2024 430
AS Valborgsbal 2024 516

Bilder från valborgsbalen

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The winner of ASAWCA, the Anders Wall & Allmänna Sången Composition Award is Erika Hammarberg.  The piece "En sådan kväll" will be premiered at our upcoming spring concert the 4th of May. Read more about the winner here.

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