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Concert in the Dark

lördag 24 februari 2024

söndag 25 februari 2024

Slottsbiografen, Nedre Slottsgatan, Uppsala, Sverige



Allmänna Sången, the oldest academic choir in Scandinavia, has the great pleasure of presenting this year's edition of the critically acclaimed Mörkerkonsert. We invite you to a concert performed in complete darkness, led by Maria Goundorina. Together with you we want to explore what happens when we are able to hear the music being performed but not see it. We welcome you to Slottsbiografen in Uppsala for a unique musical experience!

We advise against bringing young children to this concert, as the complete darkness combined with sound may be a little scary.

Saturday 24/2 kl. 15:00 och 17:00
Sunday 25/2 kl. 15:00 och 17:00

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